Facebook can track your Internet history and credit card number on other websites

Meta (Facebook) is reportedly ‘rewriting’ websites visited by its users and tracking them across the web to find out what they look – it apparently ‘monitors all user interactions’ for advertising.

This means Facebook and Instagram can monitor everything from your Internet history to your ‘passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers.

A privacy researcher, said: “The Instagram app injects their tracking code into every website shown, including when clicking on ads, enabling them [to] monitor all user interactions, like every button and link tapped, text selections, screenshots, as well as any form inputs, like passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers.”


In a statement, Meta responded to the claims by saying: “We intentionally developed this code to honour people’s [tracking] choices on our platforms.

“The code allows us to aggregate user data before using it for targeted advertising or measurement purposes.”